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2001-01-10 - 22:41:19

Is it Prying?
If you found a diary and realized it was someone you knew, would you keep reading it? Would your answer be different depending on whose diary it was? If they had one of those "don't read this if you know me" disclaimers? What would change your answer?

Just curious.

From Krapsnart

I could dwell on the grief I'm going to feel someday when they die, or I could dwell on how nice it is to have a warm, fuzzy, loving cat sitting on my chest, purring loudly, and headbutting my forehead. Cat says: live now.

From Kaffeine

The background image is actually my stylization of the lyrics to "Smothered Hope" by Skinny Puppy. For all of you who came looking for those lyrics, squint.

From Kae- (via Pischina)

So I gave turned the keyboard upside down and gave it a good shake, I swear you ought to have seen the amount of crap that fell out. Then, as an afterthought, I shook extra hard in case my life happened to fall back out of there.

From Mr. Bad Example (via DaWhiteAngel)

Now I remember why I do this kind of thing. I'm an applause whore.

From Sinnamon

Does this make me evil and conniving? That's what I was hoping for.

From Squibnocket (via Koogle)

ice is bad. except in your beverage. the end.