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2000-06-28 - 21:00:13

Who's counting?
Hah, I've decided to become clever and do my quotes in a text file, and upload it here at the end of the day. Clever, clever me.

There's a pattern in online diary progression. You can tell how long a person has been writing by what they say and how they say it. Personally, I prefer second to sixth entries. Know how long it takes people to mention this progression? About six months. (I'm a little slow.)

From Volcanic

Dave however, was different. Older for a start. Only by a couple of years, but he'd lived in London, he'd seen every band you could care to name, he was writing a fanzine, and he dressed like a proper bloke. He wore shirts, and a leather jacket, and really cool Chelsea boots - not a bloody kung-fu shoe in sight.

From Plugg

bad enough i have a series of beauty spots (aka tiny moles that arent really lumps) on my left shoulder that form the first letter of my 1994 girlfriends name, last night i found a bald spot (instead of beard spot) below my right cheek that form the first letter of my 1995 girlfriends name.

From Tidbit

mj can also stand for "mmm, juicy"

From Ohboy (my fave find of the day)

i hear all telemarketers are actually aspiring actors