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2000-06-29 - 16:38:40

Lately I've been reading a diary (that I'm not going to link here, for what should be pretty obvious reasons) that I'm pretty sure is written by a man pretending to be a woman. It's rather amusing.

Here's a tip, for all you men who want to be women online: the only time a woman ever mentions cup size is when she's buying a bra. Possibly if she's getting implants. But not as a focal point of every deep internal monologue, no.

From CubicleGirl

We're a tough bunch on the Q. Hicks falling from the sky rarely phase us.

From Chinacat

if you could see me right now, you would see me rolling my eyes so hard that you'd be concerned for my health.

From Shiitake

Clothing that comes from the thrift store can just go back there when you're sick of them -- it's sort of like renting clothes, really.