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2000-07-05 - 15:27:44

Brought to you by the Kind Readers of DiaryLand
My personal quote for the day: "Why work, when others are so willing to do it for you?"

Ok, not really, but after my first four-day weekend of this month, my in-box was full of quotes. So today is the very special guest-star edition of Quoted.

Expect another one next week, after the second four-day weekend of this month. When do I actually work?

From Tall Not Blond (via Marn)

A man comes up to me after the meeting and asks "Have we met? I'm sure I've seen you . . .?"
"Why yes", I tell him "You used to pay me for sex."

From Princetty (via Marn, again)

It's easier to hold your breath and pray for something to change than it is to risk yourself, your friends, and your pride to go and change it yourself.

From Acidicsorrow (via Shlippy)

That's how I felt today, like I was dropped into a play, and I was the only person who didn't know my lines.

From Shlippy herself

How can someone with such exciting footwear be