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2000-07-12 - 16:41:54

I love... um... wait, I'm not telling.
Do you ever wonder about all the people who title their diaries "I love (whomever)" or "Me & Him 4eva" and things like that? I mean, that seems pretty risky. Like getting someone's name tattooed on your heinie. 'Cause when you break up, you'll have to go to ALL the trouble of moving your diary to "I hate that rotten bastard" (at and that's just SO much effort when really all you want is to be actually writing in that very diary about how much you hate said rotten bastard. Take my advice, people, just don't do it.

From Marn (you know, she's just not mentioned here enough...)

Take it from me--if the bull run at Pamplona hasn't provided you with the death defying thrills you crave, that's the way to go, elderly cranky people.

From Koogle

"It's not possible to look bad in Washington..." I commented as we sat at a red light. He glanced at me and said I was right. I smiled, and we looked at each other for a few seconds. "Sodium lights..." I said as he drove.

From The Fool

Bet that guy got a frickin' medal. He's probably the same bottom-feeding urinary tract infection that decided they should start charging you if you need more than one packet of barbecue sauce for your Chicken McNuggets.

From Jackie C

I just saw Gwen for the first time today, and she’s wearing a grey suit and glasses, with her hair in a bun. However, she’s fooling nobody … we all know there’s a satin bustier and fishnets lurking underneath.