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2000-07-17 - 20:34:29

Where I see how many times I can use the word "interesting" in an entry
Everyone has a story; other lives are interesting, especially if they're different from ours, no matter how boring they may seem to the liver. (Er, the person living the life, not a large, very vascular glandular organ that secretes bile and causes important changes in many of the substances contained in the blood). And I feel like I want to point that out - to say, hey, look what that person said! See how interesting that is? Read more that he has to say! Listen to what she did today!

There are diaries that I read every day, that I keep up with and read all the older entries if I miss one. And that's one thing. Then there's the whole browsing aspect - flipping through snapshots of people's lives and getting a glimpse of... well, something I wouldn't have seen in my own life, anyway.

So that's part of what Quoted is. Another part is seeing what other people think is "quotable". So you should mail me with more suggestions.

From Uberhamster

He was really in denial. It was practically his mailing address.

From LifeAsALoser (via Marn)

Whenever we’re at a party together, someone will inevitably ask him to break out his guitar. He’ll be sheepish about it, but he’ll bust it out and start rocking, and every woman in the place will eventually be at rapt attention. Whenever I break out my word processor at parties, I can never garner quite the same reaction.

From Lzor

have rituals that I have to follow when I fly. I have to be sitting on the wing. I figure if it starts to fall off, I can alert the pilot.

(you know, my mother does the same thing....)