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2000-07-26 - 20:46:16

Do you judge people by their links? I find myself doing this more and more lately... possibly because more and more people are adding a list of links to their diary...

You can learn a lot about someone by the diaries they like to read. Do they prefer angsty teens? Suicidal meladramatists? Free-and-easy party people? Spiritual seekers? Humourists? I don't know exactly WHAT you can tell about someone by their preferences, but it's got to mean something, right?

If someone's list is similar to mine, I think, oh, a good person. If certain people show up on someone's list, I automatically think less of that diarist. And sometimes the other way around. If I'm reading a stupid diary that links to a good one, I think, how dare you! You do not deserve to read that goodness! And if a good diary links to other good diaries, I think, ah, all is well and right with the world.

I follow links, and see how far I can get clicking from page to page. My record is eight diaries. And sometimes I try to see what the biggest circle I can make is. Usually it's only around four.

What exactly is a "mutual admiration society," anyway?

From Lipid

saki = 1 part good, 1 part rubbing alcohol

And now, it's time for Quoted Quote day! (Quotes from diaries quoting other people! Does it get any better than this?)

From Shiitake

You didn't buy any food. All you got was ingredients.

From Ida-Red

When I get out of my beat-up ol' GEO at a club or something, and everyone's laughing at it, I just tell 'em, well, I don't need a big car, because I have a big dick! HUGE!!!

From Noushka

"Well," replied he,"ya got them pink stripes in your hair, and I asked my son about it and he tol' me those folks usually go to raves."