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2000-07-28 - 17:52:40

'Bye, Napster
Had a fascinatingly deep discussion all plotted out for today's entry. Forgot it. So instead I'll just mention that the favorite topic for today is the demise of Napster. In fact, it's probably been the most consistently mentioned topic I've ever seen show up in one day on DiaryLand.

I could get all deep with "what does that say about us" questions, but that would be silly. It says that we're people who are connected to the Internet. And many of us like free music. Duh. Not a particularly deep revelation.

But I thought it was kind of interesting anyway.

And in a completely unrelated thought, I've had a few people wonder who I am. (Surprise! I didn't know y'all cared...) I'm not trying to hide anything, I just didn't think it was really important to talk about who I am - the quotes I pick, I think, say enough. And I didn't link to my other DIARYdiary because I didn't want this to look like a big fat ad for myself. But I wonder now if it seems like I am being evasive. I am completely undecided on the issue. Tell me what you think. And don't forget to send me more quotes. (Except from Marn, 'cause I'd have to quote her every day if I did it every time she wrote something good.)

From Postal Worker (via Shlippy (Cosmic Amanda))

The car I'm looking at right now is a 1983 Honda Accord hatchback. It's the same age as my little brother. I'm hoping it's a little better looking.

From Lzor

Texans can slay the English language better than anyone I know.

From the Useful Things You Learn At DiaryLand Department:

From Freuds-Fave

How to figure out your Star Wars Name!

(Sorry, I'm a sucker for these, even though all of my special names suck.)

From Noushka (er, couldn't link to the exact page for some reason... hopefully you will be able to find it)

Yesterday I made the most kick-ass punk rock* pancakes in the world! Here's the recipe: ...

actually click on the link if you want the recipe, come ON, I'm not doing all the work here...

They're punk rock because I didn't use a recipe or measuring cups, because they're as vegan as possible, and because I wrote the recipe the way johnny rotten talks