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2000-07-31 - 20:10:12

Arbitrator of Opinion
Today is Quote-O-Rama Day. And "lazy and quoting bookmarked diaries" day. (I try not to. They're all listed over there -> so you can actually read them instead of my snippets of their work).

Marn and Katfish brought up some interesting points about why I shouldn't be too anonymous here. Unlike sites like Whores, I'm saying that I like these diaries, that they are saying something that I think is in some way important or useful or fun or just good to share. Value judgement involved. Not everybody would pick what I do, and many would probably disagree with some of my choices. Which is fine and dandy, but I guess it's important to note that this is all my opinion, not some Final Word on All That Is Good in DiaryLand.

(Of course, you could use it that way if you wanted. I wouldn't mind.)

So as a quick introduction, I'm a 26-year-old woman, recently married, who works for a nonprofit association as "person in charge of computer stuff". I don't like trying to describe myself, because self-descriptions always wind up so distorted. Even if you weren't trying to look good, you'd wind up leaving so much out it's kind of meaningless. So here is my diary, and you can read and judge for yourself.

Now, on to the quotes...

From Uberhamster (actually The Manager)

And to top it all off, now Iím all hopped up on bad pork.

From Koogle (via Katfish)

And I think it would be a lovely thing indeed if common, ordinary house pets could be trained to hunt down and kill mosquitos. That would just be the whipped topping on the pumpkin pie that is my life.

From Ankh (via Claremonster, at least indirectly)

I'm a mutant, you know. I have the ability to telepathically connect with strawberries. (They don't think much.) But since I have complete control of my power, Xavier and the rest decided I didn't need to be in the academy or the X-Men.

From Claremonster (via Marn)

I swear, somedays I am one step away from showing up to work in my pajamas. Not that that hasn't already happened. In my defense, it was during a period of great duress: trust me, when you're on the run from your psycho ex, sleeping on the floor of your best friend's house while all your worldly possessions are heaped in her garage, fashion is *not* your highest priority.

From Summer-tang (via Katfish)

so im sitting at this wedding, who for? i dont even know. and suddenly, i see the most beautiful woman i have ever seen. she was blonde and radiant, wearing the newest holt renfrew (which probably cost more than what the bride was wearing) all in petal pink. and she sat there, and smoked during the reception like she didnt give a damn... all of a sudden, she was called up to the microphone to sing. she strutted up to the mic, and chose to sing 'the color of love'. the music started, her petal pink lips opened to sing, and it was the absolute worst thing i have ever heard in my life... and i know even i could do it better. and it is my new goal to be more and more like this person with each and every passing day.
that, and to watch ever single elvis movie ever made, again.