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2000-08-04 - 17:54:14

Public Response to Private Inquiries
Ok, so I got a leetle mention from our good old Uncle Bob. I do appreciate it, but hey, a little warning next time? I feel like such a slob. Need to clean up before having company over!

Speaking of company, I've gotten quite a few emails today, so here are some answers to them.

Someone asked why I don't have a "wall of shame" sort of thing. You know, a list of Bad Diaries. I just really don't feel that's necessary. Bad Diaries can be bad all on their own. If they're giving their writers any kind of pleasure, then they're serving their purpose. Me pointing and laughing does nobody any good. Hey, I'm secure enough in my own self-worth not to need to tear someone else down to feel better, but if that's your bag, feel free to start your own Bad Diaries page. (But you might want to ask Uncle Bob about Stop Sucking first, heh...)

A couple of people asked if I had ever quoted myself. Um, no. Unless you mean in a deep metaphysical sense, or something. I wouldn't have told y'all who I was if I wanted to pretend to be someone who admired my writing. (Which I did think of, but remembered that I'm not quite that needing of appreciation.) Speaking of who I am, see that QUOTED graphic on the side there? Over to the left? Yeah. That leads to the AQ page. So you can read all about me, and this, and stuff. (It would be a FAQ, but I don't get enough email for anything to really be asked frequently.)

And Mr. Bad Example says that if his quote from yesterday is the geekiest thing I've ever heard, I don't get out much. He's right, of course. I will have to amend that to the "Geekiest Thing I've Heard In The Last Week Or So" award.

What does "via (someone), sorta" mean? Well, it means I found a quote from their diary, but it's not their quote. So they get credit, because I wouldn't have found it without them, but it wasn't their intention to recommend that quote to me, particularly, so it's only a "sorta" recommendation.

And I should probably add this one to the AQ - how often do I update? It depends. If I get lots of quotes (send me some!), and I'm not too busy, then more often. If I have to go ferret out all the quotes on my own AND do work, then less often. I'm aiming for 2-3 times a week, more if possible. I wasn't even going to update today, but a whole bunch of quotes just fell into my lap and said please, oh please, put me up! So here they are.

From Andiegrrl (via Marn)

1) Avoid dogs whenever you can. Remember... Cats are poetry in motion. Dogs are gibberish in neutral
2) Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you later
3) Cats aren't clean, they're just covered with cat spit

From Gawain (via Uncle Bob, sorta)

So I get up at five am today, in order to make it in to work at six.
This sucks, in case you are morning people and don't know any better.

From Clearsong (via Waterbelle)

I notice something..I'm fanatically clean on Napster..clearing finished files canceling ones that take forever on either side. Yes I'm a anal napster user..someone shoot me.

From Waterbelle

12) A TRUE Southern Belle knows that Maryland counts as a birthplace of Southern Belles, but Texas does NOT. Why? Texas Belles are their own breed of debutante, thanks to their frontierlike past. But a Maryland Belle is a Southern Belle because despite being so close to the Yankees, she can still make a wonderful pecan pie.

From Chris-tarr

I guess I need a skull to set on my desk, while I contemplate mortality.