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2000-08-09 - 15:45:31

You people are the best. I'm tired, I'm injured, I really, really want to update but don't have time to find the quotes myself - and all the other DiaryLand readers come to my rescue and send me quotes. Hooray!

Oh, and I wanted to add that I try to keep the quotes PG-13ish, maybe a little R thrown in now and then. Which is why I never quote Queerscribe even though I absolutely love his writing and want to all the time. But I censor myself, because his best stuff is... well, go look for yourself. Unless you'd be offended by that sort of thing. Then don't. And don't blame me if you WOULD be offended by that sort of thing and look ANYWAY, because I think the title should give you all the warning you need.

From Pinch (via Marn)

I'm so busy I can't breathe. It's not the good kind of busy anymore either. It's the I've Overloaded Myself kind of busy that goes hand in hand with some queer emptiness I'm trying to fill (I swear to God, if you say, "Have a freakin' baby, already," I'll personally hunt you down force you to watch endless episodes of Blues Clues and sing you Barney songs until you puke).

From Toshiro (via Kaffeine)

the landing pad is barely big enough to fit the giant pyrogy, which is certainly big by pyrogy standards but not spacious enough to fit an army of green men, unless they are big fans of the feng shui principles behind the interior design of the amistad.

From Stacked Actor (via Dennis-with-no-diary)

Let this be a lesson for you all; never sexually dance with another man's furniture. Especially when you're amidst a crowd. You'll be subject to ridicule and rug burn of the pelvis.

From Fanmail (via Koogle - man, I had forgotten how good this diary was!)

Those stupid Public Service Announcements with Joey Lawrence telling me smoking's not cool? Bullshit. I've never looked cooler than with a cigarrette. No one has. Sure a non-smoker can run up some stadium stairs faster and without wheezing, but that's not a cool thing to do in the first place.

From Kayeita (via Marn)

I wonder how many people i will have affected in my lifetime. How many people will consider me even a footnote in the story of their lives. I hope that i make it into at least a paragraph or two of the people i've cared about. Even if i dont talk to them anymore, and they have no idea where i am.