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2000-08-22 - 16:30:06

Pressed for Time
Just a heads-up - there won't be any quoted entries on days when there's a Diary Survivor challenge. They take a lot of time. So do these, even though it probably doesn't look like it. And I do need to spend SOME portion of my day actually working on actual work - you know, the kind they pay me for. (Although if anyone wants to send me money for doing this, they're more than welcome to).

From Icebear

I could have reached out and slapped him if I wanted to, which later I did.

From Brirose

So she tells me, "pass me that pen with the dildo thing on top."

From Catiecake

Which is okay because now he does my laundry and I would much rather have clean clothes than a bunch of cassette tapes littering up the place.

From Fruitflyy (via Queerscribe)

I was thinking about what I'm going to treat myself to for my birthday (it's exactly one month from today - I'll be 20 whole years old) and I'm torn between two things that I really want to have done to my body.

From Koogle (via Ignatz)

I am remembering a person who made me feel the same way as warm blankets on cool mornings.

From Lizzymay (via Shmoop)

Everyone hears what you say.
Friends listen to what you say.
Best friends listen to what you don't say

From Peregryn (via Falwyn)

Without warning, a small silvery finned pervert launched himself from the water directly at her clevage. "Hey Baybeee! Who's your daddy!" With a horrified shriek she batted at her chest as the fish copped a quick feel and darted off into the depths, never to be seen again. And they said "Jaws" was scary.