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2000-08-23 - 20:36:53

No Sucking Here!
I had a rant written out for today.

Decided against it.

But I will mention the incredibly popular Why Web Journals Suck by Diane Patterson. Everyone should read and think about this article, take the wisdom they can find in it, and then decide why it's so annoying.

And feel free to click on the "Quoted" graphic over there, I've updated the AQ. Or I will, as soon as I finish this update. So, you know, maybe wait a little while and THEN click on it.

From Marn

Fortunately, I realized that it would be stupid to kill him. I needed him to drive me to the hospital. I could always kill him later.

From Chewbacca

I really need to find a better hiding place for all my secret super important teenage things.

From Errazkin

Several several paragraphs of laughing and feeling ten feet taller than I felt only moments before. It occurred to me that my unhappiness and loneliness are worth living for.

From Spankerwammo (via Grayarea)

So let's rock and roll all night and part of every day... no wait, that's not it.

From Sympatric (via Shiitake)

I may be crawling towards vegancy but, I'm running, screaming, towards ice cream cake.

From Mangoes (via TigreFatalis)

I felt so helpless looking at the snotty little one. He looked so miserable and found his only comfort snuggled into my shoulder. It awes me that I've created this being to whom I am absolutely perfect and it makes me dread the days my flaws will bring shadows of doubt or worse still, disappointment into his eyes.