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2000-08-25 - 18:45:02

Not a Psychic Friend
Lately I've gotten a lot of quoted submissions that either don't have the submitter's name, the name of the diary, or the actual quote. Now, you don't have to give the link to YOUR diary, that's ok (unless you want me to mention it and then it's kind of hard, me having failed the psychic friends application test and all), but at least telling me which diary the quote comes from is kinda helpful.

You know, I'm just sayin'.

From dLove

It's maddening the way they try to shove this garbage down my mental throat.

From Apatheticq

Yes, i can have ideas that are not related to anything you've done.

From Katskins (via someone who didn't leave a name)

its like the force. or duct tape. doesnt matter. they both have a dark and light side.

From Empyrean (via a different nameless person)

His perfection scares me. It has turned me into a great big furry pink bucket of emotional goo. I am becoming possesive. Which is ridiculous. I've only met him once. I think this whole thing is ridiculous.