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2000-08-31 - 16:26:38

This One
Well, everybody certainly has been sending in quotes - waaaaay too many for me to use. So I'm doing two updates today - this one and the next one.

But I'm sure you could have figured that out on your own.

From Stydro (via Starr Angel)

Andy Warhol said that everyone will get 15 minutes of fame, I think the Backstreet Boys took mine.

From Perdodora (via Sleepyskin)

I've said it before and I'll say it again... I LOVE YOU!!! Now be happy, dammit, before I stir fry you in my wok!

From Freeproton (via Pix)

So I stood, grey between grey and grey, and thought how amazing it is that an average of about two hydrogen bonds per molecule of water makes clouds, an average of about three and a half makes rain, and an average of four makes snow. And not because it's guided or otherwise controlled, but because it's been so designed as to happen this exact way and in no way else from the moment the first virtual particles split the original Nothing into two Somethings. If this isn't the hand of God at work, I don't know what is.