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2000-09-01 - 14:42:01

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Ah, fall. The time when all the new freshman diaries come out... page after page of "and i got the cutest outfit at Old Navy! i hope we dont get to much homwork, that SUX! Ok, laterz, d00d!"

I'm just teasing. I like high school diaries. Most of the time I just want to find everybody and give them a big hug and say no, really sweetie, high school is NOTHING like real life. It gets SO MUCH better, and I know you won't believe me because nothing I could say would make you believe, you've got no evidence to believe, but just trust me on this one, it does, it does.

Back to an old topic, you might notice that my other diary is password protected right now. It's just temporary, honest. If you want the password, email me and I'll send it to you. Or just wait until tomorrow when I take it off. (See? I said that I'd do it faster than you could say "flaming hypocrite". I bet you didn't even think to start saying it until now).

From Admiral Jack

All I wanted was a paranoid, dirty, smelly, shellshoked angry veteran to scream about my 9 inch hair! But uh uh, nonono, that's just TOOOO MUCH to ask for.

From Tidbit

we used to collect our buspasses in grade school. of course, you also needed a buspass holder. where else would you put all your old buspasses? ...the more passes you had, the longer you'd been an independent city busrider. it was the way to tell whether you were green or not to the public transportation system. it was like little colored snapshots of each month you had between the new street-smart you, and the old slave-to-the-schoolbus you.

From Phrase (via Marn)

My house is full of gnats. And I gknow gnot why. I have no idea where they came from or what they want. There's no standing water around here. We aren't running a fruit stand or harboring decaying bodies.

From Beth B

I will enthusiastically give anyone my opinion about anything, especially music, because i can't believe anyone gives a hoot.