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2000-09-20 - 21:31:23

Good Advice
A couple of quick notes: first, work is busy, and will be getting busier, so quoted may be dropping down to one update a week, at least for the next six weeks. After the conference, things should return to normal, but hey, you never know.

Second, I want to point out to everybody that the Analyzer is done by BOB, not UNCLE Bob. They are not the same person! Uncle Bob is way cool, and does many cool things, but not this particular cool thing. Please give Bob the props he deserves. And go look at the Analyzer, it's fun.

Third, advice. Everybody likes to give advice in their diaries. Here's some advice I picked up over the last day or so. (And why doesn't someone do an advice-column diary? You like idea? Is yours! Free, ma frien'!)

From Skeezix

OH heres a tip for you all out there. as much as you would THINK that mixing hawaiian punch and coke would be good.


it's not.


From Koogle

...if you expect to have repeat visitors, ever, make sure you don't use yellow as a visited link color. Bad idea.

From dLove

Before you dry off, make sure that you're using a towel that doesn't smell like mildew and wet person.

From Marn

Just tell him you're a woman exploring your inner drag queen