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2000-09-21 - 18:14:37

Imposing Organization
There. I've finally caught up with my email from the last two weeks. It's a good feeling, and will probably last... oh, for the next hour or so. But that's ok.

My next goal is to go through all the old entries here and make a list of who's been quoted and how many times. Because I do two things - either quote one person over and over, which, ok, they may be diary genius, but it's not really fair to all the other diary geniuses out there - or I ignore quotes from someone (coughSquibnocketcough...) because I think oh, I quote them ALL the time, no fair to do it again - when really I never ever have.

(Quick update: I finished, so here are some statistics. To date, I've quoted 118 different people. Not that many more than once; the record is 4 times, shared by Koogle and Chinacat. Many people I thought I had quoted often I've only quoted once. One person I never remembered quoting has been in here three times. I've never quoted anyone whose diary begins with the letters Q, W, X, or Z, which is strange because I could have sworn I quoted Waterbelle just the other day. I've discovered that my memory is even worse than I thought, and now I think I'll stop being stupid about what's been in here and what hasn't.)

Now, some quotes...

From Liss (I should stick this one in the "good advice" entry...)

watch where you're going or you're bound to hit things with your face.

From Bigboy

Lately, I feel like a gumdrop skyscraper.

From Perceptions

the funny thing about standardized tests is that whether somebody is officially smarter than somebody else can sometimes be determined by who ate a better breakfast the day of the exam.

From Smartypants (via Lucretia)

This jelly is too cohesive!

From Yeah, Right (via Bigboy)

I'm not nervous, and that makes me nervous. No, not even. I'm nervous that I'm not nervous that I'm not nervous. I swear, even though that's fairly far removed, it makes sense. And it's important. It's not like I'm going around with a sick feeling all the time, but it's legitimate. Ever been worried that you're not worried?

From On My Mind (via Loneranger)

Here I am all beguiled by the fact that this older guy is asking me out, when he's really just looking for a girl who'll give him head on a Saturday night.

From Sinnamon (via AugustX)

What are MY favorite parts on my bf that donít have a lubrication system or superb poking techniques?