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2000-09-25 - 16:43:30

Secret Theme of the Day
I just don't know... reading today's quotes, they seem to me to have an underlying theme, but I can't for the life of me figure out what it might be. Still. Read them like they do, it's kind of fun that way.

(Oh, and I'm not losing my mind, I did quote Waterbelle, I just managed to skip a couple of entries when I was going through my archives.)

From Tenderpoison

I've had Britney Spears' "Lucky" stuck in my head for several days now. Talk about wanting to get hit by a bus.

From Strega

"gosh, she's about as deep as what's left of the water in my shower".

From Uncle Bob

Ooooooh...a pierced eyebrow. That is SOOOO non-conformative. You are wayyyy OUT THERE, Captain Kirk. We're just gonna have to send a rescue crew out there and try to bring you back to normality, Mr. Eyebrow Ring.

From Lisa McC

"I know," Leslie raised her own frozen margarita and studied it, "You can't hardly notice the Metamucil when you make the margaritas frozen."

From Lost Mist (sort of via Pischina)

Chocolate may not be as good as love, but love costs one of your vital organs, chocolate only costs fifty cents.

From Elisabeta (via Lone Ranger)

How am I going to handle living with girls? Girls. I hate girls! What the hell!