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2000-10-05 - 19:48:55

Quotes For Sale
I think everyone should continue to write in their native languages. I had three diaries I read just because they were in German, and two of them have since switched to English. Ok, I understand, you want more hits, more people on the Internet speak English, blah blah blah...

But since it's harder to write in a non-native language, people tend to say less interesting stuff in a less interesting way once they switch to English. You just KNOW that if I wrote my diary in German it would translate to "Me good. You good? Good."

Ok, also I'm just selfish and want to be able to read diaries in another language.

In other news, the Quoted Store is now online. Yes, I need a store. Doesn't everyone? (You can get your own at There is actually a Clever Plan behind this store. I'd like to offer prizes for different things - so any profits from the store get plowed back into my love offerings to y'all.

And if nobody wants to buy anything, that's ok. My feelings won't be hurt. No, really. I'll be fine.

From Mangledoll

now that i have my UTA ID i get the cheaper tickets at the movies! "look madam or sir ticket seller! i am in the process of being educated! please give me a discount!"

From Katherin Hand

i feel like dancing. it's the caffeine. it's hard being at work when you feel like dancing. there's usually no music and people look at you funny when you're trying your hardest to dance in the space between desks and chairs and the copy machine.

From LFO-Lvr (via Kel)

as we get older, we grow. otherwise we would all think that new kids on the block and vanilla ice were still cool.

From Garcia (via Marn)

Fat, sweaty, balding, middle-aged men are keeping secrets from me. I donít like it.

From Party Girl (via Pixgrrl)

Oh, excuse me now, the waiter is here to take my order..."I'll take a large cup of numb please, with my alienation on the side, and make it hot please, because I want to know if I can still feel a burn."

From Party Girl (via Joyce with no diary)

Why canít I find a job on any of the job sites that fit my qualifications? I mean, I keep hearing how great the job market is, so where are the companies looking for immature girls who like to drink, take drugs, smoke cigarettes, play harmonica and go out?? HELLO Ė These are skills, people.