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2000-10-06 - 17:28:46

Deathbed Updates
Three entries in three days? What is the world coming to? (Mostly it seems to be coming to me being too sick to work, but not quite too sick to slack...)

From Grrrl

we used to all talk every night then we got online, then *they* got online now all the phones are tied up and we don't know each other's e-mail...

From Gaja

Right now I am suffering a tremendous craving for ketchup... Now I get the fun job of figuring out just what little vitamin or mineral I am deficient on THIS time before I hit for the kitchen with a straw.

From Blue Sleepy

A photo of mice in a dorm room sink. Oh, wait. Not mice. Sorry. Fuzzy fish.

From Toni (via Beatledana)

Time flew. It literally flew. I never liked those stupid cliches, but time actually flew this morning. And I think I saw it. Like in the parking lot... that strange morning afterglow through the clouds... and the way the breeze played hide-and-seek in the trees, in the corner of my eye, but would behave and stand still, when I looked straight at it... and the way all the cars on the roads moved at the same rhytmic, programmed speed

From Silicon Girl (via Reality)

Sex is such a dangerous toy, the warning label should be larger. I imagine that the male ego would be a perfect location for it, as itís usually large enough for everyone to see. (Unlike other parts of their body.)

From Venefica (via Necronomy)

I am neither cruel or evil. Strange, maybe, and sometimes extremely odd and off-beat. I'm marching to the beat of a symphony.

From Liss (via Gray Area)

how many times do i have to die before i'm a poet?