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2000-10-24 - 20:32:03

Pressed For Time
It's been so long since I've had an entry ready to go, I almost forgot that I actually have to post to get things to show up here.

Conference is next week. More then.

From RealityIsShy

Coca-Cola! My darling Coca-Cola Classic, heart of my hearts. Why have you forsaken me? Why did you join the evil ranks of Dr. Pepper? You are the one true love of my life, my one true desire, my fulfillment of purpose. I thought our relationship was wonderful, that we were close, and could tell each other everything.

But no. You had to get a stupid, wide-mouth opening.

From Fatal-Error

If you want to hash out your problems, fine. More power to you. But a) don't do it at a party where people are trying to have a good time and b) for god's sake don't do it while you're on a date with someone else.

From Ariann

I have a wig, which I think will influence my performance more than any amount of practicing lines would.

From Lone Ranger

So what if I have purple hair and tattoos on my forehead and a bone through my nose? I AM STILL DAMN GOOD COMPANY, DAMNIT!!

From Queerscribe

If you would just not cling.

Except when I want you to.

If you would let me be free.

Except when I crave your heart's clutch.