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2000-10-25 - 19:26:04

Updating, How and Why
In DiaryLand Chat the other day, we were talking about how and why we updated our diaries. Me, I'm an addict. If I think something, pretty much my next thought is, "I should update my diary." It's a sickness.

I was kind of surprised that not everybody relates to DiaryLand in that way.

Ok, not really. But many people put a lot more thought into updating than I do. They actually write drafts, and try to convey important meanings, and tell stories.

Me, I just babble.

Then again, there are people who just... well, I don't know what they're doing. Their diaries don't last long, generally. You know - they update 15 times a day for a week, then never come back. I'm not quite sure what that is.

I think it's related to why you keep a diary - how you keep it depends on what you're trying to do. It's an interesting question, anyway. More when I don't have to answer the phone every three seconds. Feel free to discuss.

(Yes, I should definitely have used the rough-draft format for this entry.)

From Spearmint (via Jeffy)

holy cow. I actually think I know what I'm doing. Of course, I've thought that before and I turned out to be wrong. But since I'm talking about html and not dating, I think I can be a little more confident.

From Fedward

What is the sound of one bit twiddling?

From Smoocher

My crappy stereo is crappy. I shouldn’t even call it a stereo as that would require a left and a right. I’m stuck listening to mono, which is quickly becoming just ‘no’.

From Lazarus

I put "God" in quotes sometimes, because it's just the word for whatever it is that made all the truly beautiful views of pastoral land, on clean autumn days, walking with an old friend. Simple, three letter word. Works for me.