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2000-10-27 - 15:17:59

"Real Life"
While randomly browsing diaries, I just happened to run across these two quotes:

From Annatto

School and friends were just things that took time away from my real life- the internet one. I liked my net life better because anything I didnt like I could delete. If someone said something mean to me in a chatroom, click Ignore User and I was all set. If only real life were like this.

From TigreFatalis

However, if I had an ignore button I could push IRL, I'd be pushin it left and right. You bet your ass I would. I'd be handing out Ignore stickers to everyone.

I think that's part of the appeal of the online life. No, wait, I know it is - these two people are even coming out and saying so.

Unlike everyone else in the world, I don't think that's a bad thing. I don't think that typing is inherently worse than writing. I don't believe that reading online and writing email is turning our brains to mush and destroying the very fabric of our society.

Just because something isn't being done "the way it always has" doesn't mean it's getting worse.

Or that it's getting better.

It just means that things are different.

From BradBourne (via JA-with-no-diary)

I'm officially somebody today! I have my own URL! now, I just need to become famous...

From MadameDaisy (via Manon)

So, he called the benefits department, and the woman working the phone told him sex cannot be changed over the phone. You have to change your sex in person.

From KitKat81

i love snow.. i can remember the first time i saw it... i can remember my dad kneeling next to my bed at like 3am telling me to look out the window. i rushed to the window, threw back my snoopy curtians and pressed my little face against the cold glass. i saw all of this white stuff covering the road and in the trees and on the sidewalk. i can remember not knowing what it was... the smell of snow in the air always reminds me of my dad, and of happy memories.

From FuzzyTomato

My mom owns too many chainsaws not to be wanted for murder somewhere in the world.

From Sporkboy

She's so full of angst, I feel like wrapping her up in cotton candy and Winnie the Pooh stickers

From Kuinileti (via Nictate)

damn you, sarah lee. damn you to hell. or, alternatively, couldn't you just RAISE your prices? good god, woman... 12 chocolate-covered-fudge-marshmallow dreams for $1.09? have a little self respect already.