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2000-11-16 - 15:43:47

Nice work, if you can get it
Completely non-diary related suggestion of the day: everybody should go out and get Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday At Newport so you can hear Ella's Satchmo impersonation on "I Can't Give You Anything But Love". Unless you don't want to, and then you can just read the quotes.

From OnMyMind (via Lone Ranger)

I like wearing his things (remember the jacket?), I like them because they're always warm, too big, and give me little chills up and down my spine.

From Spikyhead

it's like a cocoon, except for you're stuck there with an ever-changing cast of stupid people.

From Stydro (via Pischina)

And then the Lord said "Let there be more Gogo Dancers" and so it came to be that more gogo dancers danced and there was much rejoicing. Yay.

From Rug (via Koogle)

me and my thighs, we're gonna conquer the world!

From Grim

This all comes from the fact that scientists seem to be predicting that Earth is going to be hit by a meteor with the force of 100 atomic bombs on Saturday, September 21st 2030... What I want to know is, WHY do scientists feel the need to tell us this? ...Itís not like anyone can actually change it; we canít all go to the one continent and jump on the count of three, to knock the Earth out the meteorís path at the last moment or anything. So why announce it on all kinds of media?

From Squibnocket

so when representatives of the media get all bent out of shape when accused of bias, i fart in their general direction.

you is biased, you stinky pigdog.