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2000-11-17 - 20:39:27

Resist the Temptation
Really, I am trying to pull myself out of this food coma and into updating.

It's not easy. What happened to all that time and energy I was going to have after the conference? This is the deepest, most intelligent thing I can think right now:

Know those little balls or stars or hearts or whatever that follow you around when you move your cursor on some webpages? Those are amusing for about .01 seconds. Then they're just annoying, like a blink tag gone wild.

Please, people, resist.

From Essej

got a haircut, got a plan.

From Action Grrl

The dumbass camera guy kept telling me to tilt my head back further, which must be some kind of camera-guy game to see how ridiculous you can make people look.

From Jeffy

I wonder if the people that actually have pictures posted take the things seriously. I mean, you should be able to reasonably gauge where you stand on the hot-o-meter without having to turn to a hairy guy from Sphincter, Wyoming who's taking a break from looking at kiddie porn for his supreme judgement. I don't need the internet to tell me I'm not attractive. I get enugh of that in real life.

From Pischina

But among us workers, who had hung and re-hung enough silk and satin to last us a lifetime, we thought Victoria's Secret really was -- That women really prefer the flannel pajamas in the back of the store.

From Smartypants

Enjoy the Chicago snow. It might be better, though, if it fell straight down instead of whipping sideways and cutting up your face with sharp little edges. That's just my opinion.

From Poizon (via Pischina)

Having been in tough negotiation throughout the night with the Main Man Upstairs and the Main Man Downstairs, it appears that I cannot exchange my current life for a whole new one. They won't even except my immortal soul as part-payment. Apparently they don't take cheques either.