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2000-11-28 - 19:11:51

Spring, er, Fall Cleaning
Whew. Why does it always seem to take hours just to make a couple of minor changes? Oh, wait, because it does take hours.

So, here are the new features of Quoted. You might notice that the links that used to be over there to the right are gone. I never updated them, and I decided that my personal reading is, well, just that - personal. What do you care who I read every day? So I added a much more useful thing - The Official List of everyone who's been Quoted. At least, I think it's everyone. Feel free to email me if you notice anything wrong. Do please note that the date listed is the most recent date a diarist has been quoted; they may have quoted on other dates too. For the curious, I am tracking how often a person is quoted; I'm just not sharing. Hey, there have to be some perks to running this thing.

Speaking of perks, I've also added the love page. Quotes from people who've been quoted; how very self-referential. Well, I'm nothing if not postmodern. (Oh, wait, that's not true. But it sounded so good...)

And what else? Oh, right, changed the archive pages. One page just wasn't doing it for me anymore.

Oh, wait, you came for the quotes, not a monologue on site maintenance? Ok. Here you go.

From Lola B (via a secret person)

Well, there's a baby in my tummy. I didn't eat one, I'm just pregnant.

From ShowMeYou (via Fatal-Error)

I'm eating a banana and your not! least not that I know of.

From PartyGirl

Puff Daddy is like that annoying guy you know that when your favorite song comes on the radio he either, sings his own made-up words to it, or talks over it.

From Brad Pitt

Oh snap. I forgot about Thanksgiving. I've been so busy being the Sexiest Man Alive lately that it completely slipped my mind.

From Schmez (via NotAHilbilly)

Welcome to winter. Schmez, this is Sordid Past. Sordid Past, meet Schmez. Tis the season to wreak havoc. Fa la la la la and shit.

From Bologna36 (via Tenderpoison)

So right now, Im just a very tired eighteen-year-old wholl be nineteen before he wakes up, feels like he has the joints of a fifty-year-old, wants to be ten again, and is probably boring the snot of whoever is reading this.

From Sledgeman (via Tenderpoison)

One time when I was 9, I asked my cat to meow once if she could actually speak English. She responded with a meow; and for a split second I was firmly convinced that cats had been screwing with us this whole time.