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2000-12-01 - 16:46:19

Um, just quotes, mostly
One more note about the Big List - it probably won't be updated with every entry. I think we've gone over my inherent laziness enough times that we all know why. I'll be going for once a week. So you don't have to tell me that someone's missing if they're not on the list and they were just quoted, but if it's been more than two weeks, feel free to bust my lazy ass until I update.

By the way, thanks to the people who've noticed missing or just wrong entries on the Big List - it's getting into shape!

(Hm, I just noticed that every quote today was a recommended one. Well, that balances out yesterday, then.)

From HumanCapital (via Joseph)

12:15 a.m.: Babygirl lurches to her feet in the middle of the bed and gags. I launch myself over the edge of the bed, grab the wastebasket, and go horizontal, flying towards her like a receiver reaching out to make a touchdown catch in the end zone. She hits the wastebasket perfectly. 6 points for Babygirl. I do the victory dance. She is not amused.

From Anenigma (via Pischina)

We have a nativity this year, maybe I'll even buy people for it. Right now, it has the Fisher Price family's car parked outside and the family inside chillin by the baby crib.

From Sledgeman (via Bologna36 AND a secret no-diary person; the People Have Spoken.)

Watch out for the cats…they are getting organized.

From Elicia (via a secret submitter)

when did the wheels fall off my little red sanity wagon?

From Kuinileti (via Pischina)

"You can't murder your mother, Mal."
"No?" I replied, getting a little testy.
"You have to first eliminate motive and establish alibi. You haven't done either. Just be patient."

From RubyRuin (via AugustX)

Sometimes a journey makes itself exhausting. Sometimes a walk outside is a meal. A good song is sex and work is a nap and a conversation is prayer. I need less confinement.