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2000-12-15 - 20:35:30

Happy Birthday
Lots of quotes today. And the inevitable psychic person. I can check my email every five minutes all day and not get a thing, but as soon as I start updating this, I always get at least one quote.

Very odd.

(Also, the Big List will be updated today - not necessarily now, but today.)

From VeganGrrrl

i could try to walk like poetry.
it's beautiful, but it's not me.

From AdamW (via Shiitake)

random thought: a good murder mystery book is one that makes you remember when you were little and there was a murderer in every corner of your bedroom.

From FutureBird (via HumanCapital)

I've just about had it with my body. Iím fed up! Weíre getting a divorce. She can keep everything I donít care! Iím leaving.

From Mercurial73

As an aside, I just spilled Pepsi all over my keyboard and leaned forward to lick it off before realizing that I was about to lick my keyboard.

From SabbyDarling

...but after those, no more. Cold turkey. Brr, gobble gobble.

From Shiitake (via Katfish)

I kept mentally comparing this party to the last major holiday party I went to (or remember going to), where the main attraction was that someone brought a bong shaped like a chicken.

From Bonkrood (via PostalWorker)

I was almost ready to kick her ass. But since I'm all talk and no action, I refrained.

From Jaden (via Francis)

I have a bumper sticker, though it's not on a bumper, just on my desk hutch, that reads, "Fat people are harder to kidnap". The rugrat comes in, and is sitting in my lap... So he looks up at the sticker, and starts trying to read it. With a bit of help, he works it out, and laughs. Then he looks at me, and goes, "Fat people are harder to kidnap. Like you." So I blink at him, and say, "Are you saying I'm fat?" And he replies with, "No, just hard to kidnap."