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2001-01-09 - 20:13:49

Happy New Year!
Well, I was going to jump right back in, or even try to get computer time somewhere in Texas and do a sneak on-my-vacation update - but then I realized, hey, I really like being on vacation, and by that I mean "doing no work".

But now I'm back. And being back is good too.

(If anyone was wondering, I had 56 quotes sent in since the last time I updated. And I'm using, um... six, over the next two days. So, you know. Know what? I don't know, sorry, I think the airline lost my brain at that Dallas transfer.)

(p.s. I just noticed that the last three quoted titles all start with "happy". I think I'll have to start the next with "depressing" or something, just to even it all out.)

From Essej (via Out)

i live in an amazing time, in an amazing place, and surrounded by amazing people. let me never forget that, please.

happy to be a part. looking forward to being more.

From Clcassius

I never seem to tell them, but they are the kind of friends who make your life better for having known them. And no number of Atholton grads remarking at how my tits have gotten bigger can compare to that.

Incidentally, that was only a side effect of the push-up bra.

From ErinThePixie

Look into my eyes when you talk to me, not into my breasts. I didn't know my breasts could see. Maybe I should put glasses on my chest so I can see exactly what sort of a jerk you are.

From Fatal-Error

I don't understand online D/s relationships. If someone ordered me to do something online I'd be like, "Why... what are you going to do if I refuse? Type in all caps?"

From ArtsyKelly (via Merilily)

domino dots have directions on the box, informing you how to decorate them. um. o-Kay... i've never had the impulse to decorate my sugar cubes. hell, i never knew we HAD sugar cubes.

i have to admit i'd be scared of the people who'd sit around decorating their domino dots.

From Sirilyan (via Marn)

And so, I've decided that my next relationship will be with someone whose music, television, books, politics, and religion are totally alien to me, if not actively hostile. That way, when we break up, I'll never again see or hear anything that reminds me of her. I think this plan cannot possibly fail.

Archconservative born-again Christian girls with a thing for N'Sync, Jackie Collins, and Three's Company, now's your time!