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2001-01-18 - 21:58:10

Exhibitionists, Meet Voyeurs
So that was actually pretty enlightening - almost everyone said that they would read the online diary of someone they knew, whether or not it had a "do not read if you know me" disclaimer on it. Although some people did say that they would pretend like they hadn't read it. I don't think you can do that, though - once you know something, it's really hard to unknow it, unless you suffer a major head trauma of some sort. Secrets tend to find their little ways out...

Er, I guess that's not very encouraging for the people who put that sort of thing up. Sorry.

And yeah, I was kind of copping out by not answering the question. In a way, I can't really, never having been in that situation. Which seems strange to me - but then again, I think most of my friends aren't really online diary keeping types of people. (What type of person is that? A can of worms I'm not opening now, but let's just say that people without email probably wouldn't keep an online journal...) I would try not to read the diary of someone I was close to, unless they had given me permission first. I would probably go for a long time being good and ignoring their journal's existence. Knowing a little bit about myself, though, I would probably get into a paranoid fit at some point and go back and read their entire diary from beginning to end. But at least I'd try. If it were someone I wasn't very close to - an old friend from high school, or one of my husband's co-workers - then I'd probably feel no qualms about reading.

So there you go.

From Squibnocket (via ChinaCat)

i dunno. i'm just watching me with curiosity. to see what i do next.

From SorryGoAgain (via Confruzzled)

Which kind of makes me wonder: would I like myself if I met me?

From IsleOfDogs

I would never go back to existing after all this living I've done.

From Freemage (via Mechaieh)

This is the joy of people-watching; the rare few moments when another member of the species steps up and makes you just drop your jaw in amazement.

From Malice (via Nictate)

she spent the evening tying up loose ends that were only loose in her own mind, loose to her standards, and woke up feeling better about things, even though nobody knew it. one girl's loose end is another's pretty bow.

From Boy-Ashamed (via AdamW)

I stopped smoking. I always stop smoking. In fact, I don't think I ever started smoking. I stopped smoking the very first time I had a cigarette. Fourteen years old.