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2001-01-26 - 21:20:55

Le Telephone
Ok, since you can't hear the music in my head, I guess I don't have anything to say, other than the quotes...

(But I cordially invite you all to the 9:30 Club tonight, so that you can hear the music in my head... which is from one of the opening bands, not the Pietasters, thank you very much.)

From Bulgy

I have a black knit purse with little knit cherries hanging off of it, that look suspiciously like a pair of tiny testicles. I was carrying it around yesterday, caressing the cherries fetchingly. My sister called it my "nutsack", which won the award for the best joke of the day.

From Fuzzybottom

I don't know.. it just bugs me that Pacey can almost flunk out of high school, and yet he uses the word versimilitude when he talks to his friends.

From Katybug (via er, I'm not sure who, sorry...)

"It wasn't until the doctor came in and I actually had to lie down and put my feet in the stirrups that I saw that someone had thoughtfully tacked a poster on the ceiling- a Dutch windmill and tulip field. Pleasant enough, but not enough to really distract anyone from the fact that a stranger is probing her with what looks like a mascara wand.

From AllTheRage (via Jeffy AND FadeIn)

I came to two disturbing realizations yesterday.

1) I am married to my job.

2) My job has been f***ing other people behind my back.

From LarryOGrand (via Mechaieh)

They say that you can reach a better understanding of someone by reading their diary. After reading more and more of some people's online diaries, I find myself understanding them less and less.