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2001-02-02 - 22:22:02

I am a Penguin; Love Me
You know, I've spent so much time reading diaries today, I can't think of anything to say about them. Brain overload. Time for a reboot.

From Partygirl

I want boy bands to all do a go-cart race for charity. Then, I would like a fault line to erupt and create a hole in the earth that they will all fall into and go Bye, Bye, Bye.

From Murmur (via Flamedancer)

Even when it was just water with brown food coloring, I was content. Heck, without the cup, I’m certain I would’ve snorted lines of instant coffee granules.

From Sicko (via NoAlarms)

i can't remember what i was going to write. it had something to do with self pity, though.

From DrewD (via Mechaieh)

I have a habit of tinkering with entries after I've posted them. I'm rather like a daily newspaper: there are several editions of me.

From Vogonical (via CallMeDee)

...and french.. well.. what can I say? The last test we had, my answer for the major essay question was a drawn pictue of a penguin saying "Je suis un penguin.... Aimez-moi" which roughly translates to "I am a penguin.. Love me."