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2001-02-13 - 21:12:52

Valentine's Day
You know, one of my favorite lines from The Facts of Life is when the girls are discussing VD and Mrs. Garrett overhears and Blair innocently says, "Valentine's Day!"

Ok, maybe that's only amusing to me.

But reading through diaries, I started keeping track. Out of forty-four diaries (once I started counting), forty-two had negative things to say about Valentine's Day. Two were positive. I didn't keep track of how many didn't mention it at all, but it was probably as many as did mention it.

No, I don't really have anything to say about that. I just thought it was interesting. Apparently the only people who think Valentine's Day is important enough to write about are the ones who hate it. (And two people with dates.) Can we rename it "Horrible Day in February That Makes Everyone Feel Loser-y and Alone"? I guess that wouldn't really spur greeting-card sales though...

Anyway, in honor of HDiFTMEFLaA (hey, try saying that out loud, it's really fun), I'm getting my act together on a new project - Happy Hour. After asking if people would go to a DiaryLand convention, I started thinking - well, that would be a lot of work. But why not smaller get-togethers? Why not just a handful of folks meeting in a local bar? Wouldn't it be cool to have a place where people could meet other diarists in their area?

Or would that be too scary?

So while I nabbed the name in November, it took this long to actually do something about it.

So if you're interested in organizing something - nothing major, just maybe reserving a table at your favorite local bar/restaurant/whatever - email HappyHour and start planning away.

We'll make up the rules as we go along - but it'll take some work. Go! Plan! Meet! Have fun!

From Kaffeine (via PixGrrl)

Can I fake for real?

(and via DemonCry)

(Pearl Jam + Led Zeppelin) - (Lyrical Creativity + Originality) = Creed.

From MagicPiano

I get lost in this life stuff, intoxicated. But give me a reality check and i'll cash it.

From MicroSerf (via Confruzzled)

I seem to be unable to work if I don't have a deadline over my head; that is, if I can reserve an adequate amount of time later in which to get something done, I'm sure as heck not going to do it now.

From BearMan (via HaikuBoy)

I'm living for that one damn moment that I find life, man.

From Sssnarlene (via Angelina)

I was going to qualify this quote with musings about smugness versus loneliness, maybe pulling out some vivid examples, maybe sounding really deep, and triumphant and sad as I ended on a line about me typing at my computer, eating bowl after bowl of beans and singing along to "Lost in the Supermarket" on repeat. But I'm not going to.