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2001-02-15 - 20:44:50

Love and Food
Two quotes about love, and two about food. What else is there?

From Zizi

haters, purchase a model of the heart from a medical supply store or med school bookstore at a nearby university. spend your day exploring the different parts of the heart, sticking the little colored pins with the labels on them into each site, like voodoo. a voodoo heart. hatefully learn the name of each part of your new heart. curse the day you were ever endowed with such a heart.

From Nige

Learn the difference between loving someone and being in love with someone.

From Eon (via SeaSecret)

I smell disturbing. I discovered this strawberry & cream shower foam, and emptied the entire can into my bath last night. There was a surprising amount in there. On the side, it said 'THIS IS NOT FOOD'.

Which is not nearly as good as what it says on the side of RealEat vegetarian mince (God, I'm actually warming to this theme). According to the packet, in the manufacture of that particular meat substitute, the soya beans go through an 'Identity Preservation Procedure'.

Just re-read that for me.

If I were a soya bean, I know I'd be reassured.

From Amelindasue

I used to think that Veal was an animal. Like cows... only Veals. They were these big brown cows that said Vroo instead of Moo.