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2001-02-16 - 16:41:05

Gee, DiaryLand's Big
Ok, I'm working on catching up on a bunch of submitted quotes. I do appreciate it. I like getting quotes. I love when I find new diaries that way, 'cause let's face it, DiaryLand is BIG these days.

geezer voice on: "Back in my day, you'd sit and reload the "recently updated" over and over, and maybe every ten minutes there'd be a new one. You could go through the alphabetical list and read a whole letter's worth in an afternoon... cough, cough...

Sorry. Had to channel my inner old lady. I'm done now, I promise.

From Mechaieh

Costumes: distracting (note to designer: gold hoops over dark skirts do not succeed as abstract symbolism, they just make the choristers look like mutant metallic bumblebees).

From CatieCake (via Waterbelle)

A company called Chambers has sheets that are something like 700 thread count. Mr.CatieCake and I figured that Petey is probably about 700 thread count, so those sheets would be like sleeping on kittens.

From FreeMage

And now I've got a story; hell, I've got an experience. Those cuffs... they aren't as comfortable as they look.

From KevinKeenan

I'd like to dedicate that last paragraph to the above mentioned participants in 'the best day ever'... and all of the other kids who reaped its bounty, but never disclosed its super-hard-to-find location to the nefarious hipsters that haunt our city like the pale faced ghouls and wraiths that they resemble.

From LegalBritney (via um, someone)

At that point I was a good girl. Believe me. On one occasion I ran home crying because I caught my brother trying to get high on the smoke from an incense stick. Don't ask.

From Quadrophenia (via Amelindasue)

"And make sure he uses a condom," my aunt tells me. Yes, I know. I've heard all of ths information before. I'm a nearly 19-year-old girl in the '00s, I certainly hope I know about birth control by now. If not, my public education was surely wasted.