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2001-03-02 - 15:16:24

Shakespeare My Foot
These new profile thingies are pretty cool. But I have the feeling that people aren't really being honest here. Shakespeare as the 11th most favorite Diaryland author? I'm sure that there are a few individuals who say to themselves, "hm, I'm in the mood to read. I know! Hamlet!"

But enough to make Shakespeare number 11 overall? Somehow, I doubt it.

From Manon

I called someone an arrogant rectal pustule today. I'm rather proud of myself.

From Obscured (via Pixgrrl)

it really bothered me that he was saying all this while holding my soon to be underpants.. i feel like he has ruined them for good, and they have lost all their sexy power.

From Andrew Hobbs (via Haikuboy)

At first it was my jugular, you know, to put myself out of my misery, but then I had to think of others and it wouldn't be right to go along the table jamming forks in everyone's jugular, so she had to go. it would have been for posterity.

From Scott (via Lydz)

also! oh, this is the coolest thing. deer! outside of the jesus statue, there were about 45 deer (okay, maybe only 4 or 5) running around and playing! right up close next to jesus! animals love jesus.

From PeelersPlace (via Haikuboy)

Hurry on down to Born-Again Bob's Deluxe Discount Furniture Warehouse! Where we like to say, 'Nothing here is used, it's all born-again'. Are YOU ready for the second coming of Jesus? You certainly don't want him sitting on the old lumpy sofa do you..nowwwww?