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2001-03-07 - 18:26:40

You know, I was signing on to update my other diary, but then I thought, well, I've got a lot of quotes, I should put some up, and now I am. But I find I have nothing relevant to say, which has been happening more and more often lately. So here I go, shutting up and giving you the quotes.

From DemonCry

Yesterday, my sister and I threw mini marshmallows onto the back porch to encourage the weakly falling snow. It didn't work, but the marshmallows looked funny.

From OpenHands

Right now, I think I'm going to an all-night diner with our houseguests to drink some cheap coffee, smoke a few too many cigarettes, and be served by a woman named Mable who forgot to take all the curlers out of her hair.

From Quadrophenia (via Amelindasue)

I am also accumulating a collection of apples from the cafeteria, since there have been some yummy ones recently. They sit on my bureau, and I can pretend that they have little apple conversations - yes, Mr. Green, it is a beautiful day today.

From Lola_B (via Seasecret)

Destiny's Child must get a lot of help in the studio, because their performace at the Grammys just stunk up the place. I still like them, though, but I think it's just because they remind me of my sister, if she were black and there were three of her.

From Eon (via Seasecret)

I'm so exhausted that my bones are yawning. 6 in the morning is my body's version of Peru; I know it's there, but it's totally foreign and not somewhere I'd think to visit. Also, there's a lot of llamas.