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2001-03-09 - 16:14:18

Shiny New Gold Membership
I am a gold member, and you-u are no-ot, neener neener neener...

Well, unless you are. Then you can ignore me.

Otherwise, go look at that link to the little gold membership thingy. It's on your page when you sign up. Don't play like you didn't see it. Then sign up. You know you wanna...

It'll make you feeeeeeel gooooood...

All the cool kids are doing it...

(Oh, wait: Kids, get your parents' permission. Blah blah blah disclaimer blah blah blah not my fault if your kid steals your credit card.)

I mean, it's a good deal. It's less than a public radio or tv membership. AND you get to be all special and gold-membery with actual benefits, unlike public radio where when you donate they say, great! You're a donor! Now give us more money! (Can you tell it's pledge week? Yeah. Hand me that CD, I need something else to listen to...)

Enough with the PSA. On to the quotes...

From MissMoo

Well, I thought now would be a good time to list all my favorite diaries, or at least ones that I'm currently keeping up with. I find it pretty interesting that a lot of people I read are reading other people I read. But the occasional diary has completely different links from what I'm used to. It's like when you were in high school and you thought everyone thought all the choir kids were cool, and you found out that the band kids not only didn't think the choir kids were cool, they didn't even KNOW the choir kids. So, I'm in choir, but a couple of my links are in band. Poor schmucks.

From Boogie (via HoneyDipping)

i think, no matter how ambiguous or ambivelent or ambi anything you might feel, one of the most intoxicating things in the world is to feel loved.

From Art-Thug (via Nictate)

Friendships are such odd things. Some flash with joyous intent, and the possibilities of new adventures... we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with these people and face down the world... we laugh together in code... and then it stops. Often without understanding how or why, it stops.

From Marn (via ItsMyLife and Shiitake)

No spray on pants. If you cannot insert two fingers easily into the waistband of your pants then they are Too Tight. Like plants seeking light, the fabric of these pants will seek areas where there might be some unused real estate. Before you know it, they have moved into your crack, unpacked their suitcases, and begun arguing about where to put the couch.

From Waterbelle (via Haikuboy)

Putting my keys into my purse involves unzipping and shuffling and inserting and rezipping, much like a highschool football player's first successful attempt at Stealing Third Base.

From JPMarx (via Shlippy)

Point of fact: every time I doodle, I doodle vaginas. I try and pass them off as eyes, but really they’re just vaginas turned on their side.