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2001-03-14 - 16:36:08

Warning: Approaching Redesign
Ok, I'm warning you. I'm going to redesign the site. It's coming. Be prepared.

Of course, it's coming when I finally decide on something I want to do. So you've got time to mentally prepare.

(Or am I the only one who experiences extreme psychological disorientation when someone changes their diary layout?)

I was going to wait for the one-year anniversary of Quoted, but since I got the gold membership, I get a banner ad. And it would be silly to go to all the trouble of designing a banner ad for a design I'm not keeping, right? So it's all Andrew's fault.

So now I have to find some time to do that. But for now, quotes.

From Confruzzled

not that i'm not a nerd all the time, i was just extra nerdy with a side of dorkiness tonight.

From Haikuboy

Within my dreamscape
I beat girls off with a stick
But they keep coming

From JohnAJohnson

I suspect that if I were to walk down a city street right down, babies would cry, young women would faint, and idealistic, young heroes would exclaim "What is that!?!", and rush me off the streets as an affront to society--or they would if I looked anything like I feel right now.

From AugustX

"Guadalupe and 26th. Please pick up your trash and have a good spring break. And please be safe."
"My friend was in Miami last year on spring break, and was of course pretty wasted for most of it. Long story short, she ended up seeing herself in one of those commercials for the 'Girls Gone Wild' videos a couple of weeks ago.
"So, if any of you get caught in this position this year," he says, deadpan, "please remember to send your friendly driver a promo copy. Thank you and have a nice day."

From VoxMedusa (via an unnamed person)

last night i lost strip monopoly. i am a bad capitalist and evidently a pretty good nudist.

From Boy-Ashamed (via AndrewHobbs)

we agreed it was a good idea. I thought it was a good idea.

You see, in my mind, I'm a card shark, a whizz, I could play vegas. King cards. Surrounded by graceful girls in cocktail dresses, smoking from long cigarette holders, I'd pull out ace after ace after ace, unbeaten.

Half an hour after agreeing that the game was a good idea, I found myself bent over a seat, with a tablespoon of chilli in my mouth, burning my tongue, while each of the lads slapped my ass with their shoes.

From Fruit-Addict (via Ruel)

"Everyday, you make the beds," Martha Stewart gave me a glare as if to say, "Bad, bad didn't make the beds today. I should have never entertained the thought of coming to a planet with such dirty inhabitants."