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2001-03-16 - 20:32:38

Banner Ads R Us
In just one week, I've gotten so used to seeing the Gold Membership Ad Banners that I almost forgot that Diaryland still has regular ads, too.

And here I was being all impressed at whoever had the really professional-looking car-ad-style banner. Until I realized that it really was a car ad.


From Oriana

I'm scared. No, I'm fearless. No, I'm... oh, I don't know.

From HellMutt

I mentioned it to my dad, who knew exactly who I was talking about, and remembers him much better than I do. It's not a very good feeling when you realise that other people remember far more about your past than you do.

From Gloamling (via an anonymous person)

I just wrote "Jewish food" instead of "Jewish words." That may be a Freudian slip. I'm not sure. It may just be a Foodian slip.

From Perceptions (via Novena)

one time i saw a teenage girl eating food. i am not making this up.

From Auberon (via Delphine)

Being someone else can be very fun... as long as it's only when you're supposed to be.