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2001-03-28 - 11:59 a.m.

Administrative Notes
Um. I know I haven't had anything interesting to say in a really long time. These things happen.

Today's uninteresting things:

If you send me a quote and you want me to say hey, this wonderful person found it! you need to put your name in the email. I won't recognize your email address, even if you have sent me 10 billion emails already. Sorry. I have a really sketchy memory to begin with, and there's no room in my teeny brain for email addresses. (You never have to include your name. But if you want me to know who you are, then yeah, you kinda do.)

I'll never quote someone saying, basically "I wish I would get quoted". I don't know why people send those in. That's just... silly. If you want to keep an eye on that page and send me something from them that's really interesting/funny/insightful, feel free. You can even send me the page and I'll check in on it occasionally (although I have a pretty long list of those so I don't get to read them as often as I'd like). You know how it is. Nobody wants to read a list of people saying that they wish they could be on the list of people saying that they wish they could be on the list...

And, hey, maybe nobody wants to read a lot of things I put in here. Sometimes I put things in that I don't think are really interesting, but then I see four or five other people quoting it and saying that it changed their lives, or whatever. It takes all kinds.

But I get to do the updating.

(Oh yeah, have you checked out OddGoogle? That made me nearly pee my pants. It's pretty entertaining.)

From Plume

But damn warez places suck. Why can't they just give me my illegal goodies and get it over with. Why does it have to be such a bother to steal? Damn. They'll force me to not be a criminal with all their popups, no-right-click, coded zipfiles and broken links/promises.

From Smartypants (via CoffeeBitch)

I'm not dissing anyone for being interested in the Oscars (god knows some of the things I'm interested in, such as the sea cucumber and a pantsless Al Gore, are by no means highbrow), but I guess I'm kind of surprised that this is relevant to so many people. I was like, They are still giving out Oscars? People still care about who wins an Oscar? People still watch the Oscars?

From So-Be-It (via Velociraptor)

And there is nothing funnier than putting Christina Aguilera in Chipmunk mode on a tape player.

From Not-A-Finger (via Dorkorama)

Julia Wins. She is, indeed, America’s sweetheart. However, just for the record, no one in her right mind should WANT to be America’s sweetheart. America is the kind of lover who slaps his bitches.

From Sunspot (via some secret person)

It is unacceptable that cute yet unattainable people should exist.

From Sinnamon (via Paper-Bag)

My pal Kevin keeps bugging me about giving him pimp lessons because all my away msgs on AIM talk about pimping. I told him that teaching pimping is like teaching masturbation. I can give him a few pointers, tell him my style, but showing him how would just be wrong.