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2001-04-26 - 11:50 a.m.

All Nude, All The Time
Three updates in three days!

Expect end of world soon.

From Sonilla (via an anonymous person)

The funny thing about life is, if you keep yelling "Get naked!" all the time, after a while, people will actually start to take it off.

From PinkJelly (via an anonymous person)

boy bands never come and wash my hair when i use that stuff. hmph. although i think that would scare the shit out of me if i was in the shower, all naked and stuff, and all of a sudden *nsync popped up in my bathtub.

From LarrieLou (via Ali with no diary)

So, now I'm waiting for MY BROTHER to come home to let in his NAKED SISTER. How is this NOT going to be an awkward moment in the course of our lives?

From FindYourself (via Artemisia)

My current favorite pair of undies are Joe Boxers, purchase quite a while back. They are white, with little boysenberries on them, and they used say "juicy", but only when the lights were out, because they were glow-in-the-dark. It was like our little secret. Me and my skivvies. I remember when I bought them, there were all different fruits to choose from. I was about to get the ones with lemons on them, since I love lemons, until I cupped my hands over a piece of fabric and saw the word "sourpuss" glowing back at me. I decided that was a little out of my league.

From GlitteryGirl (via an anonymous person)

We got our fedoras, they are cool. I had pictured them just a bit more mysterious though, to the point where just putting it on would make me an elusive spy type person in manner of James Bond or similar. No luck. Am still self, only with hat.