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2001-05-02 - 10:38 a.m.

Yay! Caught up!
And the updating continues!

From FuzzyTomato (via Merilily)

I had the sore throat from hell all of this week and the side of my neck was all swollen. It really hurt to turn my head or even think about touching my neck.

According to the Death and Hellness center, there is absolutely nothing wrong with me. At all.

And they deduced this by asking me many pointed questions like..."When was your last period?" a few weeks ago.

"Are you pregnant?"

"Is there any chance at all that you could be pregnant?"

Yes, and I shall call him Jesus.

From Spikerz (via an anonymous person)

I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in the entire psychology building right now. I just ran down the hall in my stockings and slid as far as I could. Then I danced around in front of the mirror in the bathroom and also jumped up and down in the elevator. School should always have no people in it.

From SodaPopX (via Bientot)

yes, my phone is tapped.
why, you ask? im not an anarchist, i barely know anything about the union or may day and i used to say amadou diallos name "amallo diallo". why the hell would the fbi tap my phone? I'm thinking it is because i have a pobox registered to "youth in Revolt"

From Uncnditional (via WaxRibbons)

people save my emails.
i mean i've heard cold hard facts.
they do!
things that i write are on somebody's hard drive right !as !we !speak
this is absolutely amazing.

From DreamWraith (via someone anonymous)

Beauty doesnt work that way, and to pretend it does is to cheapen it. Beauty, true beauty, is supposed to be so earthshattering that it tears your heart out and leaves you sobbing on the floor.

From QuietBoy (via Betelguise)

I think there's a rock caught in my throat. Wait, that's just my pride, harder to swallow than I thought.