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2001-05-04 - 10:07 a.m.

Update, Update, Update
Oh, I surely am clever. "Ah-hah! While I am getting rid of this huge backlog, I'll just stick all the new entries in this folder over here. It won't take long, how many can there be?"

There can be a lot. In case you were wondering. A Whole Lot.

Well, at least it's a smaller backlog, right? And I promised to update the Love and the Big List today, too, so those will be brand-spanking-new... soon. Possibly before you even read this. Ha.

(Y'all need to send in more quotes from people who have names in the M-Z range... my list is all lopsided.)

From MyTrueFace

My friend Heather, she's so lonely and heart broken right now, she should have a new boyfriend in 2-4 weeks(if I have anything to say about it anyway), until then it's my job to tell her about how great single life is. You know the freedom, and the um freedom, and that thing where you're free.

From IAmMeIAmOkay (via ThenIDanced)

No matter how many times you replay converations gone wrong in your mind, they never are going to change if all you do is lie in your bed at stare at the wall.

From Gargy (via Molzo)

But it's a rowing machine on an incline. Nothing more. Can't people see that? ~sigh~ I want a TV with 'Slap-o-Vision'.

From AndrewHobbs (via Haikuboy)

First if I ever decide to ever buy drinks for anyone ever again, you have my permission to shoot me on the spot. Citizen's arrest and perfunctory execution, we'll call it.

From Bathos (via Vonnie)

And suddenly his guise became clear to me. Maybe he wasn't what he seemed. Maybe he was a professional con-man, dressing like a strung-out Diana Ross high-fashion car wreck victim and washing rotting meat down his throat with sour milk, studying the H section of Webster's, all in the effort to be as repellent as possible to score himself the occasional extra five bucks.

From SmurfBlue (via Seventh)

and there was this dumb kid that kept harassing us ... he looked lonely, so i thought i'd go talk to him. sometimes, there's a reason that people are lonely. it's because everyone else knows they're assholes, and avoids them at all costs.