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2001-05-15 - 2:52 p.m.

Happy Birthday... well, almost.
Have you listened to The Diaryland Theme Song yet?


In other news, I'm the laziest girl in the world. I didn't even realize that I had an entire entry ready to go, and I do.

Oh, wait, that's not news. You knew that. At least the part about me being the laziest girl in the world, anyway.

Something that might be kind of newsy: it's almost the one year anniversary of this... whatever it is. Online Column. Sure, that sounds good. And I was thinking of having a party. An actual, face-to-face, real-life party.

But then I thought, what if I invited everyone to drink from the giant tiki-head, and nobody came?

So if you're in the DC area (or will be around June 21), you can drop me a line or sign the guestbook with your thoughts on the matter. If enough people think it sounds like fun, we'll do it.

From Sledgeman (via Haikuboy)

Once I was taking a walk outdoors with my girlfriend. We had been turning up the heat in our relationship, and I was having doubts as to whether or not what I was doing was right in the eyes of God. Then I found a $5 dollar bill on the sidewalk. I picked it up, high-fived my girlfriend, looked up at the sky, and said, "Thanks, buddy!"

From Narcissa (via GrayArea)

let's clear this up once and for all: the only person who can sing 'american pie' is don maclean. if anyone else sings it, it's just a really really long and repetitive song.

people on long bus trips or around campfires are also allowed to sing it, as long as they don't take themselves too seriously.

Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, and Jewel are not allowed to go anywhere near it. Ben Harper could sing it, if he wanted to... but he wouldn't.

i think these new guidelines will clear up a lot of misunderstandings.

From Elle-The-Mom (via Pischina)

Needless to say, given the scarcity of spare time I do have, my house isn't hospital clean, but you CAN eat off the floors (if you've had a recent rabies shot) and I've never had a visit from the Health department after a dinner party...(of course, I haven't had a dinner party in years)...

From TheGerm (via CheekyMunkey)

i want to be a pin-up girl. a classy one who doesn't take all my clothes off. yeah, i do.

From LinguaFranca (via Valerian)

Spiders hatched on my colander, and now I have to find some other way to drain the pasta.

From GeekChick (via Acottrell)

It is an interesting feeling, since I can safely say that there was not a single person in church this morning that I would regret hitting with my car.