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2001-05-16 - 4:47 p.m.

Diaries = Goodness
Dur... I like diaries.

(Sorry, I had something interesting to say (at least I thought I did) and then my brain melted. These things happen, this time of year.)

From Mitten (via Beth)

Bringing a third partner into an angry sex triangle is like bringing a Bic to a meeting of pyromaniacs.

From NetDiva (via Mireillie)

A thirty year old with a newly-renewed libido, fresh off of birth control hormones, is a scary sight. I am a horny teenage boy with breasts.

From SundayGirl (via Noalarms)

Someone as effervescent as you should really be careful 'cause I'm prone to baby-cravings and your genes spliced with mine would make a stunning little monster. I'm just sayin. Watch where you put your shoes.

From DirtNerdLuv (via Voxmedusa)

Oh man. Million-dollar idea while talking to ISO about her love of “indie boys in brown cords and sweaters.”

I’m going to start a Chippendale’s type nude male dance revue! BUT with indie boys with messy hair! Glasses! Emo boys in vintage sweaters! All stripping to Weezer and Pavement.

From AllTheRage (via Vex)

"Don't get weird on me, Matt," she says, and little does she already know, I arrived weird on her.