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2001-05-30 - 3:08 p.m.

Party! PAR-TAAAY! party.
Oh yeah, I forgot to say - just because Quoted's one-year anniversary is on the 21st doesn't mean we have to celebrate on the 21st. That's a Thursday, and I'm an old lady who needs her sleep. So, since enough people seem interested, we'll be having a party on June 22nd (which is a Friday, for those of you with poor math skills).

So now the problem is finding a place to actually have a party. The place I had in mind would have been fine for the 10 or so people I was expecting to actually say "yeah, that would be fun." For more, not so much. So if you have any thoughts about good locations in the Northern Virginia/DC area, drop me a line.

I'll announce the location next week, I suppose, and then we'll start with the actual RSVPing. A-yup.

Oh yeah, and there are quotes, too. (Quotations, for you pedants out there. Did someone start an email campaign, or something? Sheesh.)

From ShadesOfGray (via Notum (ok, I'll bite. Is that "No Tum", which is how I read it first, or "Not Um" which seems more likely? At least it's not BIGAL...)

It's so stupid. They fall and fall and fall...and die. They just hit the ground and nobody ever sees them again. That's why it's such a waste to make snowflakes unique...especially those kamikaze snowflakes. Their mission, I suppose, is to make the road cooler so other snowflakes can land and stick. But these guys just waste all their uniqueness on smushing into the road. Personally, if I was a snowflake, I'd wait till the ground was all cold, in January or something, then come down and stick for a while. Maybe be a snowman or something. But...jeez, something more than just falling and dying.

From Plastroncafe (via Mechaieh)

I need angioplasty just watching her cook.

From Phelps (via Mechaieh)

YMP has jammed her appliance somehow and can't get her mouth open more than half an inch. I'd have left it like that for a day or two and savored the peace and quiet, but I suppose the poor kid has to eat.

From Anenigma (via Vex)

Why is it that Mothers will eat just about anything that a kid hands to them? I pondered that very thought yesterday while doing laundry and eating half a sandy banana.

From Odi-et-Amo (via Amelindasue)

Is there someone in your life whose face you just want to smash into the cement, scraping his putrid flesh away from his rotten bones? Yes? Does yours have blue hair too?