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2001-06-01 - 3:16 p.m.

It's All About Me, Really
Ok, two things. First, I've been relying on submissions too much lately. I haven't even really been reading that many diaries, other than the ones that people tell me to check out. So today I thought I'd do an entirely submission-free entry, just for a little change of pace. (If you've sent me a submission in oh, say the last two weeks, yes, I am that far behind. Don't worry, I'm not just throwing them away. Well, ok, some. But the ones I liked will show up here eventually.)

The second thing is that I've been really really trying to understand Diaryrings. I just didn't get 'em. Some webrings make sense. Fontrings? I get fontrings. You're looking for fonts, you can go from site to site and they all have some fonts to download. It's a useful site-finding tool.

Diaryrings? Huh? Did not compute. Ok, say you're in an over-30 diary ring. Does that mean you write about being older than 30 all the time? It would seem to limit your writing a bit. And if you're not writing about being older than 30, and I find your diary specifically through that ring, I'd probably feel a bit cheated. When I look at fontring sites, I find fonts. When I look at over-30ring sites... why aren't I getting screeds about being, say, 36?

So my mission today was to look at rings until I got them. And I think I do now. It's not really about content, is it? It's more like joining a club. No, less like joining a club, because then you're all there for a shared purpose. It's more like... saying hey, I like ice cream. You do too? Hey, maybe we'd have other things in common. Let's chat. (Or rather, look at each others' private innermost lives as we pour our own into the ether... but to say that would be a bit melodramatic, wouldn't you say?)

So it's still a tool, but not the kind I was expecting, duh. Yes, it's probably obvious to all of YOU, but I'm a little slow with these things.

And so I had this all written, but was looking for a few more entries to round out today's entry, and I found this - The Unquoted Diaryring. It just seemed too appropriate not to mention.

From TattooBelly

My exact thought was, "Okay, for better or worse this IS my job, and I'm going to do the Hell out of it." And I am.

From PHawk

From this game, we also discovered the use of hummus as a verb, as in to throw hummus at, or cover something with hummus.

From Vampiric

That's the good thing about Moms... they always think of the best compliments and no matter how obvious and misleading they might be, you can never argue and never feel annoyed or embarrassed. That has to be one of those secret Mom-skills.

From Burbles

Banana flavored custard style yogurt does not fit into a low "yuck" diet.

From Miguelito

My friends and I have a theory that thereís a Law of Conservation of Thai Restaurants at work in my part of town. Every time one goes out of business, another one opens up less than two blocks away. Itís as if the fabric of the universe is woven out of Pad Thai noodles and if there arenít enough of them at this one location then the entire space-time continuum will unravel.