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2001-06-05 - 4:57 p.m.

The Usual
I just don't know. Why would my browser want to crash on me just as I was getting sick of going through archives to find things to post? It's not because it's badly-coded, it's just looking out for me.

Speaking of me (because it's all about me, right?) is there actually something about these next five quotes that make them go nicely together, or am I starting to hallucinate from all the diaries?

From Diablo (via Bri)

Everyone likes a three year old, and no one is that disgusted when they pick their nose. When I pick my nose, however, people give me dirty looks and stop talking to me. What's with these double standards?

From Liz7532 (via some nameless person)

Did you know that segmented worms leap out at their prey? Have you ever seen a worm leap? No, neither have I. Also, worms mate. I think the science book is BS-ing us.

From Sledgeman (via Haikuboy)

So if you're a geek, and you get pushed around by the non-geeky, remember this... a battle of mind vs. mind, character vs. character, sense of self vs. sense of self...'re the one with the +1 Mace.

From PatnMax (via some nameless person)

Graduation, Graduation supper with my relatives, getting ready for prom with my parents, prom, dancing with my mother, the first slow dance with chris, being with my friends. All things that will forever be captured in my memories.

Notice how I say memories and not film because, as we've just found out, my parents have been taking pictures for two weeks without film in their camera.

From Throcky

I am all for having a National Opinion Day and also I like the idea of a Genius Day, where everyone gets to pursue his or her own idea of genius.